If you are looking to write about code, create tutorials, etc. you will find that including code snippets in your posts isn’t all that simple as most browsers will typically try to interpret the code instead of rendering as is. In order for the code to be read as plain text by the browser you need to wrap it around <pre> tags, and lucky for us there is a plugin that will not only let us do that right from the WYSIWYG editor but will also add a little bit of style to our code (colors, indents, etc.) that our readers will surely appreciate.

I’m talking about Crayon Syntax Highlighter, a free plugin that will add a new tool to your WYSIWYG editor to allow you to easily add code snippets. I have to say it’s not that intuitive to configure as it offers a lot of options, but once you chose your default theme and figure out a few other checkboxes the day to day use of the plugin is really user friendly and the front end results very cool!