This isn’t really a WordPress tutorial, although it can be useful to many of you who are running your WordPress on an Amazon EC2 instance, at least those of you who are running it as an Apache server.

So here is the scenario. You’ve set up your EC2 instance and your root user is able to upload/edit/delete files via FTP just fine. However you have created additional FTP users for your teammates and although these users are able to connect and browser folders via FTP they are unable to upload/edit/delete any files.

This is most likely a permissions issue, and here is how you solve it.

  1. Log in to your server via SSH using your root user
  2. Now let’s create a group  were we can add all the users we want to have FTP write permissions with the following command:
    groupadd groupname
  3. Now let’s make our user part of this group with the following command:
    usermod -a -G groupname username
  4. Finally let’s make our group the owner of the folder were our site structure is located (in this example it’s ”/var/www/wordpress”) and give it permissions to write in it:
    chown -R www-data:groupname /var/www/wordpress && chmod -R 775 /var/www/wordpress

That’s it! Close your FTP software and relaunch it, log in with one of the users you’ve added to the new group and you should be able to add/edit/or delete any file within de folder you specified in the above commands.

Tip1: This is only valid if your users already exist. If you haven’t created any new users yet you should do that first as your server configuration might be different and you might not need to go through the steps described above.

Tip2: The above commands are the ones you need to run the first time, for the first users. If you want to add more users to the group that has writting priviledges you just need to execute the command on step 3 once for every new user.