If you are using qTranslate-x to run your multilingual site you will very likely want to show a language switcher somewhere on your site to allow readers to change from one language to the other. By default qTransalte-x allows you to show this switcher wither in the form of flags, text or both, but it gives no option as for how the “text” part should be formatted, it will just output the full language name, for example “English”.

Many times though you will want to change that text, probably to something like ENG or EN or any other string that might be appropriate for your project. In order to achieve this you just need to add a simple filter to your functions.php file. Find the code below:

The above code will replace the default “English” for “ENG”. If you want to format your languages any other way simply change “ENG” on line 7 for any other string of your choice.

Also, the above code will only change the display tag for English, you’ll have to repeat the function for all the languages you offer on your site.